Another Power Outtage

We are having another planned power Outtage  in Death Valley National Park, tonight (2/8/2019). No electricity from 10pm till 6am tomorrow morning.  The power company needs to do more upgrades that they didnt get to finish during our last power outtage in late January. We even closed our general store and hour early tonight, because closing registers and counting money without power is not fun.

Without power, we have no wifi. I made sure to charge my tablets during the day in anticipation of this situation.  So even though I can’t do much about my online class tonight, I am able to type up this blog and save it to my tablet. I won’t actually get to post it online until tomorrow morning.

I got home from work about 30 minutes before we lost electricity.  First thing I did was turn my electric blanket on as high as it would go so my bed is warm now. So I will stop typing here and go read one of my E-books for awhile till I fall asleep.

Saturday morning: electricity came back on about 80-90 minutes late. When I got up to make coffee, I realized that my roommate had gotten home sometime during our blackout. She is now snoring loudly and it’s almost 11am. I have today off work, so I really need to study for an exam. I am hoping to take the exam tonight while my roommate is at work.

One thing I like about my online college program, is that I get to study at my own pace. I have until August 2020 to finish my 1st semester. I have a habit of procrastinating, so I started making a time management schedule with a Microsoft app that was built into my tablet. Just setting aside at least an hour every morning and night will get me back on track to my Human Resource Management degree.


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