Learning Online for Working Adults


I have seen good and bad reviews about this school, many times over the years. I have also personally known people who have gotten a degree from Penn Foster and actually used their degree to get a job or advance in a job they already had.

Below are my reasons for choosing Penn Foster over the other schools I had looked at.

#1. A flexible schedule – one of the great benefits of getting an online degree is I can still work full time and manage time to earn a degree in my off hours. Right now I usually work from 2pm-10:30pm, but if my boss changes my schedule it still won’t interfere with my classes at Penn Foster.

#2. It doesn’t cost as much – you can save hundreds of dollars to get your degree when you’re learning online. The traditional costs associated with using classroom space and equipment don’t apply. If I remember correctly, I paid about $1,300 for the first semester.  Most schools cost more for 17 credits, when you include tuition,  extra school fees, books and whatever teachers require for each class.

#3. I  can learn at my own pace – the pressure to keep up with other students in a face to face environment is removed. I might knock out some courses in record time because the concepts and material are easy for me to understand, or I  may need lots of extra time for semester 3.. The point is, I  am in control of my progress through any online college course I  take with Penn Foster.

#4. Take online quizzes and exams and get your score immediately – let’s face it, waiting to learn your test score can be nerve-racking. Online learning systems have immediate scoring systems to let me know how well I did on  any test.

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