Goodreads Challenge

I love getting so lost in a book that I lose track of time. Most of my books are on my kindle, so I love searching online for free or really cheap-priced books. I have a few sites that email me a daily list of recommended books to download. My 4 favorite sites are





I also check out reviews for some books on goodreads. If I see an interesting book cover on any of the above 4 sites, I will check to see what others think of a book.

My reading interests are in several different genres this week, so a few of my new books are..

1. The outcast Child, written by》 Jacobo Priegue

2. The Worst Day of My Life, So Far, written by》 M.A. Harper

3. Ruby Slips and Poker Chips, written by》 Heather Kindt

4. Murphy’s Luck, written by》 Benjamin Laskin

5. Forth to the Wilderness, written by 》 Dale Van Every

Now that I had to open each of those 5 books to type the authors name for this post, they get listed onto my goodreads page as a book that I am currently reading. Damn, I think I have about 35 books as “currently reading” because my kindle app is connected to my page on goodreads.

The other 30 books on my “currently reading” list might be about minimalism, writing, yoga and buddhism. Right now I am sitting in my room without WiFi, so I am unable to get onto the goodreads site. At least I don’t need WiFi to actually read a book (Just to download it). Because half the time I fall asleep reading. Unlike television, when you fall asleep reading you don’t miss anything. You just pick up the book and continue wherever you left it.

Today is the day we Spring forward. So I had to wait an extra hour for sunrise, even though I have been up for a few hours already. Had 3 cups of coffee before the sun even appeared. Now it’s time to do laundry and get some schoolwork done.

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