Manage Time, Manage Life

How do some people manage to get soo much done in a day? Well we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Some of us just choose to sit in front of the television all night, or some of us choose to check into our favorite social media sites all day.

Usually a day is broken into thirds with

8 hours for sleeping

8 hours for work

8 hours for everything else: eating, getting ready for the day (shower, get dressed, fix hair and makeup), exercise, household chores, socializing, watching television, school, driving around to get somewhere, and whatever else you do. Sleep and work are normal things that people just automatically spend time doing. It’s the other 8 hours of free time that people are usually talking about when they say “I don’t have enough time for this___”

We all have the same amount of time. 60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes to the hour. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

525,600 minutes in a year

First off, I never sleep for 8 hours..maybe 5 if I am lucky, and rarely ever 6 hours. Usually I am up around 6:00am (depends on when I actually go to bed), then you would think I could get a ton of school work or writing done. I am awake for about 8 hours at least before I have to clock in for my retail job.

Except I have been the queen of procrastination lately until Sunday, then I was able to finish 2 tests for school and got 85% on both tests. I did my write-up for the last discussion board in the first class yesterday morning. Now onto the next class..•Intro to Business•. There are 6 exams and 5 discussion boards in this class and 1 required webinar that I have to participate in.

It has actually been easier to turn my brain to “school mode” and concentrate more on my studies since I had to move into a different dorm building last weekend. No loud rowdy employees around to distract me. Believe me, it doesn’t take make to distract me. I kinda miss interacting with the noisy guys every morning, but my new living space will help me achieve my writing and school goals better.

Well just my luck, we had a power outtage yesterday morning. Nobody was kind enough to warn us ahead of time. So I was without WiFi or electricity for 8 hours. This was annoying when I had to go into work later. We ended up closing the store about 6pm (4 hours early). I went home and then the power came back on at 6:25pm.

I fell asleep early last night which meant that I woke up early this morning. Been up since about 3am. My roommate goes into work at 7:30. I have the day off so I have got the room to myself all day…Until she gets home after 5:30. So hopefully I will be able to concentrate enough to do some writing. But first it’s 4:45am and I haven’t had any coffee yet. So time to stop typing and head into the kitchen.

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