Springtime 2019

That’s my friend, Cindy, heading home on her dinner break last night. Unfortunately it’s her last week here. Even though I understand why she is leaving, I will be sad when she goes.

Our ex-coworker, Angel, came back yesterday, but I haven’t seen her yet. She will be working in the housekeeping dept for now. She says that she wants to get back into retail, but I have a feeling the company will make her stay in housekeeping all Summer..or until she leaves again. Hopefully we get some new retail people soon.

Dinner in the EDR last night was “Taco Tuesday”. Luckily I got a small piece of leftover veggie lasagna. I had skipped lunch and I assume the lasagna was originally served then. Even the salad bar didn’t look very appealing. Will skip lunch again today and just zap some soup in the microwave in my community kitchen.

Supposedly the park service has found a few…just a few, wild flowers around the park. I have seen a couple of posts about them on Facebook. I have had a few tourists asking where to go see them. They seem to think that all employees have instant updated maps to their flower fantasy spot. I grew up in New England so I was used to “leaf peepers” but these flower finders still boggle my mind. I will settle for the little cactus garden that my roommate has. Actually we have a few bushes scattered around Stovepipe that are getting little yellow buds on them. I like them but will assume they are causing problems with people who suffer with allergies.

Here is a link that national park service has about our wild flowers. https://www.nps.gov/deva/learn/nature/wildflowers.htm

Ok, I have a few hours before work so I need to get back to reading for my business class. Today’s reading is on “classification of organizations”. They are divided into 5 groups.

1. Profit

2. Non-profits

3. Mutual-benefit

4. Commonwealth

5. Porous

Trying to remember what type of business is in each category is a bit hard. Then the reading goes onto the legal aspects of a business. There’s more to it then I ever imagined.

The school gives a list of a generalized schedule with dates on when to finish exams and discussion boards. Supposedly they assume I should be ready for my next exam in 7 days. So hopefully my brain can comprehend all this legal stuff. School has predicted that I will finish this class in July.

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