Day Off

I woke up early and went to breakfast. I seem to only eat breakfast once a week. I got this picture with pink clouds as I went to breakfast.

I took a nap twice, for maybe 90 minutes each time, not something that I do very often. I guess my body needed a rest more then I realized. I go back into work tomorrow and am on the schedule for the next 6 days. I requested Saturdays off so I can get to Pahrump with the employee trips into town. We are short-staffed at work so I might be working 6 days a week for awhile.

I haven’t read a kindle book or done any schoolwork all day, so far. About the only educational thing I did all day was play a game called “Wordblitz”. In school, I want to re-take my last exam so I should study for that. I had gotten a 70% which is a passing grade, but I want at least an 85%. I took the exam a couple days ago without reading all the material. Did you ever hear the saying “Haste Makes Waste”? I think it’s an old saying from Ben Franklin. Well that saying also applies to schoolwork. I tried to hurry through a tough, boring, confusing chapter and now get to re-read it all for a better grade.

Found out tonight that the bank froze my debit card. Last month I tried to order a new card with a personalized picture on it. I forgot that the bank doesn’t have my address in Death Valley so they sent it to the old address in Arizona. I have tried updating my address on the bank website and it never gets accepted. Luckily my bank is in Pahrump, so I will have to go into the bank and explain the situation to someone and hopefully get a new card. Well I guess I won’t be shopping until after I get that straightened out.

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