Bookstore in Pahrump

I recently found this bookstore while on a shopping trip with Jack and Marie, in Pahrump, NV. (Today was our 2nd trip into this store)

1st impression..WOW!! So many books and so little time to look around.

I was impressed in the lady working there, because if you ask her where a certain author is located she remembers exactly which shelf or box to find the books that you want.

Luckily Jack wanted to go back there today, so I got some books by Dean Koontz & Patricia Cornwell. When I am finished with these books I can return them and get discounts on my next books if I want. Or I might just leave them in our employee lounge for other employees to enjoy. After going there the first time, I told my roommate about the place, so she drove down and got a small bag full of books.

Well now that I am done shopping, I really need to do some schoolwork. I haven’t done much all week. Even though the school estimates that I should finish the first semester by August 2020, I told my manager that I would be done in April 2020. I also told him that I promised to stay here in Stovepipe Wells until I finish the first semester ( I want at least 1 semester done before I leave).

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