Page Turner

I know it’s been quite awhile since I posted anything here..actually it’s been over a year. Well it’s been a crazy year. I had planned this blog site to be about online school, but seeing as I was taking to long to finish assignments the school withdrew me from the program.


How’s everyone doing in our “new normal” life? Well after 5 weeks without my job, I went back to work. Oh thank God I thought that I would die from boredom. Strange how I used to say that I would finish a project when I had more time. Come to find out after 5 weeks of being home that “time” was not my problem.

I moved to Beatty Nevada, when my work location first closed down. Now I travel into work with a coworker. Except my coworker is gone for 2 weeks and I am staying in one of the dorm rooms on property at work. While I am here I have been spending my time doing sudoku puzzles and reading. The room I am staying in had a few books in it..I will assume that whoever had this room before left them behind.

These are both haunting thriller mysteries. Not my usual reading material, but right now I can’t be to picky. I quickly looked up both books on “goodreads” and the book by Tami Hoag got better reviews.

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